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Batlk: A method orginated in Java of resist dyeing which employs wax as the resist. Each needs different equipment. 1789 to c. Repp Plain weave fabric: With narrow ribs running the width of the fabric.

Glazed: Cotton fabrics such as chintz or tarlatan treated with starch, glue. Escritoire-a cabinet with a fall front that lowers to form a writing surface Escutcheon-the brass plate that surrounds and protects the edges of a keyhole Étagère-a two-or three-tiered intended for displaying objects or serving food F (TOP) Didn Faceted-decorative surface cut into sharp-edged planes in a criss-cross to reflect light Fall front-the flap of a bureau or secrétaire that pulls down to provide a writing surface Fauteuil-a French term for an armchair Feather banding-two narrow bands of veneer laid in opposite diagonals Federal style-the American version of the Neo-classical style, popular from c. Crewel: Chain stitch embroidery made with a fine, loosely twisted, two-ply worsted yarn on a plain weave fabric. Printing-A term referring to methods of applying designs to greige goods.

Can be two-tone or multicolor, the difference being that the design has a greater raised effect on the face of the fabric. Dye lots may run to 30. See Style Guide. The fabric is the base used far Moire.

Used chiefly for. Loom: A machine on which the weaving is done. But instead of notes, it gives instructions to the machine on how to create the design. Rayon: An economical man-made fiber, soft feeling, dyes well.

Blends are sometimes so intimate that It is difficult to distinguish component fibers in yarn or fabric. causing the crushed and uncrushed parts to reflect light differently (called "Water-Marked'". Dovetailing is one variation Motion furniture-furniture containing a mechanism or mechanisms, such as reclining backs or extending footrests, which allow it to adjust to your body for increased comfort Mule chest-chest with drawers in the base; forerunner of the chest-of-drawers Muntons/Muntins/Muttons/Mutons-dividers over glass panels in windows and china cabinets N [TOP] Didn Neoclassic-Mid to late 18th century of architecture and decoration based on the ancient forms Greece and Rome. The twofiliments by this time are cemented togather by the silk gum or sericin.

Aclyfle Ingredient: A manufactured fiber in which the fiber forming substance is any long chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 85% by weight of acrylonitnie units. Spinning requires great care by all operatives involved. Tufting Yarn: Hooked by needle into fabric structure usually at a very high speed developed initially for carpeting. Polished Cotton: A plain weave cotton characterized by a sheen ranging from dull to bright.

The Twill Weave: Has each warp thread passing over two or more filling threads, with the interlacing advancing one thread on successive warps.

Checkered Tablecloth