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Fitted vinyl tablecloths are great for kid's play tables, picnic tables and anywhere you want the look and protection of a tablecloth. All vinyls are the highest quality, with soft cloth backing (except for clear vinyl, of course!). I am happy to send sample swatches. Choices are updated frequently, so visit again soon! If you have questions or suggestions, email me.

Number Description Swatch
1 Clear Tablecloth Vinyl--Your table can't be more than 48" wide because I don't seam clear vinyl! No image--it's clear!
2 Picnic Berry Tablecloth Vinyl--it has a white background and the berries are up to 2" in size newstraw.jpg
3 Cream Linen Tablecloth Vinyl cream.jpg
4 Blue Moire Tablecloth Vinyl bluemoire.jpg
5 Christmas Print Tablecloth Vinyl, Bells, poinsettas and gold floral Christmas designs on a white background. Christmas Vinyl
6 Party Time Tablecloth Vinyl Party Time Vinyl
7 Tropical Floral Tablecloth Vinyl Tropical Floral Vinyl
8 Green Check Tablecloth Vinyl Green Check Vinyl
10 Yellow Tavern Check Tablecloth Vinyl yellow_tavern_check.jpg
11 Hunter Green Tablecloth Vinyl hunter_green.jpg
12 Sunflower Tablecloth Vinyl sunflowers.jpg
13 Floral Pastels Tablecloth Vinyl floral_pastel.jpg
14 Sage Moire Tablecloth Vinyl sagemoire.jpg
17 Large Red Check Tablecloth Vinyl redcheck.jpg
18 Baby Blue Tablecloth Vinyl babyblue.jpg
20 White Lace Pattern on Beige Tablecloth Vinyl redcheck.jpg
21 Red Bandana Tablecloth Vinyl redcheck.jpg
22 Picnic Time Red Check Tablecloth Vinyl redcheck.jpg
24 Ivy on White Tablecloth Vinyl
(Two-toned green ivy leaves)
25 Ivory Moire Tablecloth Vinyl
26 Burgundy Tablecloth Vinyl
28 Blue Check Tablecloth Vinyl bluecheckvinyl.jpg
34 Black Check Tablecloth Vinyl Black Check

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