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Crochet Tablecloth Pattern.

The term is sometimes used for ungazed fine count cottons. The Plain Weave: Consists of one thread over and one thread under. 1790; Style of the period reflects the British interpretation of Palladianism (early), the Rococo (mid) and Neo-classicism (late) Gothic-decoration style featuring such motifs as pinnacles, crockets, and trefoils; popular from the 1820s in Europe and from the 1840s in North America. It Herringbone: A broken twill weave composed of vertical sections which are alternately right hand and left hand in direction.

Fiber Base: Most man-made fibers are formed by forcing a syrupy substance (about the consistency of honey) through the tiny holes of a device called a spinneret In their original state, the fiber-forming substances exist as solids and there-fore must be first converted into a liquid state for extrusion. Used for upholstery only. Cretonne is an example of a direct print Dobby Fabric: With geometric figures woven in a set. Continuouc Dyeing-Fabric is continuously dyed.

Spinning requires great care by all operatives involved. : Flax is the plant, is the product from flax. Taslan Toile De Jouy: A floral or scenic design usually pnnted on cotton or. As the liquid is emitted by the silkworm, it solifies on contact with the air.

Can be woven self-tone: one color warp: different color filling. The warp ends are drawn through heddle eyes in the correct manner, and in the turning-over of the crank shaft of the loom, a shed is formed with each turn. Filling interlaces with the warp yarns to make weaving possible. Rayon: An economical man-made fiber, soft feeling, dyes well.

Gingham: Yarn dyed combed or carded cotton fabric woven in checks, stripes and plaids or two or more colors. When the silkworm begins its spinning, two filaments are emitted from the "silk ducts" which are covered by SILK GUM or SERICIN from the sacks before they come from the mouth. The puff effect is created by several kinds of fillings Catfonic: Cationic dyeable fiber is the newest tool in the fashion designer's lot, It's a dye technique that allows certain fibers (like nylon, or polyester) to take deep and brilliant colors. Noted for its fireproof qualities.

Used chiefly for. It is named for the Frenchman who invented a loom which operates somewhat like the roller on a player piano. As the liquid is emitted by the silkworm, it solifies on contact with the air. Nest of tables-a set of occasional tables that slide one beneath the other when not in use O [TOP] Didn Ogee-descriptive of an edge or foot consisting of two curves, the top convex and the bottom concave, forming an S-curve Ottoman-an upholstered footstool P [TOP] Didn Pad or club foot-a rounded foot that sits on a circular base; used in conjunction with cabriole legs on furniture Parquetry-geometric marquetry made from veneers of various woods Parsons leg-a long fully upholstered leg Pedestal desk-a flat desk, usually with a leather top, that stands on two banks of drawers Pedestal -a supported by a single central base Pediment-equivalent in Classical architecture of a gable; a triangular head or topping Pegged furniture-early joined furniture constructed by a system of slots and tenons, held together by dowels Pembroke -a small two-flap that stands on four legs Pencil-post bed-a bed with four slim posts; used alone or with a canopy Pie-crust top-an ornately carved decorative edge of a dished-top tripod or tea- Pilaster-a false column used for decorative purposes Platform base-three-or four-cornered flat bases supporting a central pedestal and standing on scrolled or paw feet Plywood-form of laminated wood with the grain of the alternate layers set at right angles Post-modernism-a reaction against Modernism that began during the 1950s and promoted the reintroduction of bright colors and decorative components R [TOP] Didn Rail-horizontal spats of a chair & tableware customized fitting back Reeding-decoration created by narrow, convex moldings in parallel strips and divided by grooves Rocaille-ornament style from the rococo period consisting of an abstract shell or leaf motif Rococo-decorative style that evolved in the early 18th century partly as a reaction to the Baroque; featured asymmetrical ornament and flamboyant scrollwork.

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