Crochet Tablecloth Pattern

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Crochet Tablecloth Pattern

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Checkered Tablecloth

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Crochet Tablecloth Pattern. The finest quality at the very lowest prices everyday Comments:
Warp: The yarns which run vertically or lengthwise in woven goods. This is achieved by dissolving them in a solvent or melting them with heat. Greige/Gray Good: French for fabrics in unbleached, undyed state before finishing. Shantung: A cousin lo Satin.

fair resistance to wear and sunlight. Rayon Ingredient: A manufactured fiber composed of regenerated cellulose, as well as manufactured fibers composed of regenerated celluluse in which substituents have replaced not more than 15% of the hydrogens of the hydroxyl groups. Polyester: A man-made fiber, crisp and strong, excellent resistance to wear and sunlight. Most like natural cotton in its appearance and physical properties.

Selvage: Narrow edge of woven fabric (warp direction) usually of stronger yarns or denser construction than body of coth. Brocid: Multicolored jacquard woven fabric with floral or figured emphasized by contrasting colors. This type, with its "diagonal line", is found in denims. Piece Dyeing-Fabric is passed through the dye solution for a specified length of time.

Can be woven self-tone: one color warp: different color filling. Commode-French term for a chest-of-drawers Console-a intended to stand against a wall, between windows Cornice-horizontal top portion on a piece of furniture Credence -a type of small used for storing food before serving; generally a semi-circular with a hinged top Credenza-a long side cabinet used for serving and storage with shelves on the ends Crossbanding-veneered edge to tabletops and drawer fronts, at right angles to the main veneer Crown molding-transitional, or terminal element that contours or outlines the edges and surfaces on a projection or cavity, such as a cornice, architrave, capital, arch, base, or jamb; the surface of a molding is modeled with recesses and reliefs, which either maintain a constant profile or are set in rhythmically repeated patterns Curio-a cabinet for storing collectibles and knick-knacks Cushion drawer-a convex drawer below a cornice that runs the full width of a piece of furniture D [TOP] Didn Damask-a heavy, reversible fabric featuring a which is distinguished from the background by contrasting luster Davenport-a British term describing a small writing desk Daybed-a seating piece, which can also serve as a bed Dentil moulding-a moulding style consisting of a row of equally spaced carved rectangles or "teeth" Diamond tufting-an arrangement of buttons which yields a diamond shaped on the back of the piece Double-doweled-a method of joining two pieces of wood which uses two dowel pins instead of one to ensure no shifting Dovetailing-series of interlocking joints used to join sections of timber together Drawer-lining-term referring to the side of a drawer Dresser-a low long chest of drawers used for storing clothes Drop handle-a pear-shaped handle made popular in the late 17th century Drop-in seat-upholstered seat frame that sits in the main framework of a chair & tableware customized fitting Dropleaf -a type of with a pivoted leg to support the extended leaf but without understretchers Drop lid desk-a desk with a hinged panel that covers the inner compartments Dumb waiter-type of furniture with a central shaft and circular trays, which often revolves to enable those who are dining to help themselves to additional plates E [TOP] Didn Egg-and-dart moulding-a carved moulding resembling ovals, or "eggs, " alternating with triangular arrowheads, or "darts" Encoignure-an 18th-19th century casework piece similar to a corner cabinet. The Twill Weave: Has each warp thread passing over two or more filling threads, with the interlacing advancing one thread on successive warps.

Crochet Tablecloth Pattern