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through the shed. Converting the processes by which greige goods are made into finished salable goods. Jacquard: A method for producing elaborately patterned weaves on a mechanical loom. The filling (crosswise) thread darts between the warp threads as they are alternately lifted and lowered.

polish can be achieved either through the weave or the addition of a resin finish. Fiberglass: Fibers and yarns produced from glass and woven into flexible fabrics. But instead of notes, it gives instructions to the machine on how to create the design. The ribbed effect is flatter than gross grain and smaller than a repp.

ribbed fabric woven with fine yarns in the warp, with heavier yarns in the filling. 1789 to c. polish can be achieved either through the weave or the addition of a resin finish. This may be done in many different ways depending on the type of fabric (or fiber), the type of dye and the desired result Some of the more common methods are: a.

The ribbed effect is flatter than gross grain and smaller than a repp. See Style Guide Ferrule-an often metal cap attached to the end of a slender shaft for strength or to prevent splitting Figuring- made by the natural grain of wood Finial-decorative turned knob Flare-the outward curving shape of a furniture leg Frame-the wooden skeleton of an upholstered piece of furniture Fretwork-ornamental carving, often interlaced or pierced in appearance G [TOP] Didn Gadroon moulding-a rounded moulding that is carved in convex curves Gainsborough chair-deep armchair with an upholstered seat and back, padded open arms, and carved decoration Gallery-wood or metal border around the top edge of a Gateleg-hinged leg that pivots to support a drop leaf on a Georgian-Historical period dating from c. Taffeta: A fine, plain tabby weave fabric. This type, with its "diagonal line", is found in denims.

The design is created by colored warp threads brought up on the face of the fabric, leaving loose yarns on the back. The difference lies in the use of a yarn of the varied thickness which gives the fabric a nubby texture. Natural Fibers: Cotton Wool Silk Hemp b. causing the crushed and uncrushed parts to reflect light differently (called "Water-Marked'".

Blends are sometimes so intimate that It is difficult to distinguish component fibers in yarn or fabric. The background may be either satin or twill weave. marble in wood) J [TOP] Didn Japanning-painting and varnishing in imitation of Oriental lacquerwork K [TOP] Didn Keeled-sharp edge frequently found on the corner of cabriole legs Kneehole desk-desk with a recessed central cupboard Knife edged-loose or attached cushion treatment which uses a single horizontal welt or seam in the middle of the front edge of the cushion L [TOP] Didn Ladder-back chair-a chair & tableware customized fitting with a series of horizontal back-rails Lamination-a method of gluing together sheets of wood with the grain in different directions to produce a material that is thinner and lighter than solid wood Lawson-an overstuffed sofa that has square seat cushions, short backrests, and high arms Lincoln rocker-an upholstered rocking chair & tableware customized fitting with an exposed wooden frame, high back and padded armrest -press-a cupboard with shelves for storing and clothes Loo -a large Victorian card or games Loose pillow back-a pillow treatment which can be removed from an upholstered piece Loper-a pullout arm used to support the hinged fall of a bureau Love seat-smaller version of sofa typically made up of two seating cushions to accommodate two people Lowboy-American term for a small dressing M [TOP] Didn Marquetry-the use of veneer and other inlays to make decorative patterns in wood Married-term referring to an item of furniture that has been made up from two or more associated pieces, usually from the same period MDF-medium density fiberboard; made from compressed particles of wood and used in the construction of furniture Modernism-style of the 1920s and 1930s, which rejected ornamentation in favor of geometric forms and smooth surfaces Modular seating-upholstered seating units which can be joined and rearranged with other units to form different seating arrangements Mortise-and-tenon joint-a carpentry joint formed by inserting a tab or tenon into a closely fitting slot or mortise. End of information about Custom Tablecloth.