Fitted Table Cloth

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Silk: The only natural fiber that comes in a filament form: from 300 to 1, 600 yards in length as reeled from the cocoon, cultivated or wild. Mlllltron Dyeing-Developed by Milliken & Company for continuous dyeing. It can be dissolved for extrusion into fibers. ribbed fabric woven with fine yarns in the warp, with heavier yarns in the filling.

Vat Dyeing-An insolube dye that has been made soluble is put on the fiber and then oxidized to the original insoluble form. The Satin Weave: Has few interlacings widely but regularly spaced, resulting in a a lustrous "right" side and dull back. Used for upholstery only. Can be a solid color, usually piece dyed or printed.

The fabric was developed in France and for years was a specialty of royally, thus its name which means cord of the king. The difference lies in the use of a yarn of the varied thickness which gives the fabric a nubby texture. Finishing Plant: A place that dyes, prints, etc. Taslan Toile De Jouy: A floral or scenic design usually pnnted on cotton or.

Warp: The yarns which run vertically or lengthwise in woven goods. Dobby Loom: A type of loom on which small, geometric figures can be woven in as a regular. of greige goods. using a plain weave.

usually with a sheen on its surface. The puff effect is created by several kinds of fillings Catfonic: Cationic dyeable fiber is the newest tool in the fashion designer's lot, It's a dye technique that allows certain fibers (like nylon, or polyester) to take deep and brilliant colors. Escritoire-a cabinet with a fall front that lowers to form a writing surface Escutcheon-the brass plate that surrounds and protects the edges of a keyhole Étagère-a two-or three-tiered intended for displaying objects or serving food F (TOP) Didn Faceted-decorative surface cut into sharp-edged planes in a criss-cross to reflect light Fall front-the flap of a bureau or secrétaire that pulls down to provide a writing surface Fauteuil-a French term for an armchair Feather banding-two narrow bands of veneer laid in opposite diagonals Federal style-the American version of the Neo-classical style, popular from c. Velvet: A pile fabric with a clipped nap.

Nylon Ingredients: A manufactured fiber in which the fiber fonning substance is a long chain synthetic polyamide in which is less than 85% of the amide. Lainb Lampas: A term describing a jacquard fabric, a term interchangeable with a brocade or damask. Filling interlaces with the warp yarns to make weaving possible. polish can be achieved either through the weave or the addition of a resin finish.

Today, some are muitico-lored. Minor motions on looms are the take-up, let-off, and. See Style Guide Highboy-American term for a tall chest-on-stand Huntboard-a light, portable sideboard used for serving food and drinks I [TOP] Didn Inlay-setting of one material in another (e. Gingham: Yarn dyed combed or carded cotton fabric woven in checks, stripes and plaids or two or more colors.

When blended with other fibers, it can add beauty and luster to a fabric.

Fitted Table Cloth