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Fitted Table Cloth

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Fitted Tablecloth.
1918 to 1940. Ombre: A fabric woven with shades of one color from light to dark in the warp, usually creating a striped effect. Flat Weave Tweeds. Nest of tables-a set of occasional tables that slide one beneath the other when not in use O [TOP] Didn Ogee-descriptive of an edge or foot consisting of two curves, the top convex and the bottom concave, forming an S-curve Ottoman-an upholstered footstool P [TOP] Didn Pad or club foot-a rounded foot that sits on a circular base; used in conjunction with cabriole legs on furniture Parquetry-geometric marquetry made from veneers of various woods Parsons leg-a long fully upholstered leg Pedestal desk-a flat desk, usually with a leather top, that stands on two banks of drawers Pedestal -a supported by a single central base Pediment-equivalent in Classical architecture of a gable; a triangular head or topping Pegged furniture-early joined furniture constructed by a system of slots and tenons, held together by dowels Pembroke -a small two-flap that stands on four legs Pencil-post bed-a bed with four slim posts; used alone or with a canopy Pie-crust top-an ornately carved decorative edge of a dished-top tripod or tea- Pilaster-a false column used for decorative purposes Platform base-three-or four-cornered flat bases supporting a central pedestal and standing on scrolled or paw feet Plywood-form of laminated wood with the grain of the alternate layers set at right angles Post-modernism-a reaction against Modernism that began during the 1950s and promoted the reintroduction of bright colors and decorative components R [TOP] Didn Rail-horizontal spats of a chair & tableware customized fitting back Reeding-decoration created by narrow, convex moldings in parallel strips and divided by grooves Rocaille-ornament style from the rococo period consisting of an abstract shell or leaf motif Rococo-decorative style that evolved in the early 18th century partly as a reaction to the Baroque; featured asymmetrical ornament and flamboyant scrollwork.

: Flax is the plant, is the product from flax. Similar to, but more limited, more quickly woven, and cheaper than jacquards, which require elaborate procedures to form patterns. spot effects to elaborate, multicolored. The twofiliments by this time are cemented togather by the silk gum or sericin.

It can be dissolved for extrusion into fibers. Cretonne is an example of a direct print Dobby Fabric: With geometric figures woven in a set. Velvet: A pile fabric with a clipped nap. The difference lies in the use of a yarn of the varied thickness which gives the fabric a nubby texture.

Man-Made Flber-Generic Clawificatlon: Acetate Acrylic ' Glass Modacrylic Nylon Olefin Polyester ' Rayon ' Saran ' Spandex Fibers-Generic Definitions Acitate A man-made fiber with a luxurious feeling, which dyes in brilliant colors and is economical. This type is found in dress goods. It is also known as Antique Satin. Mlllltron Dyeing-Developed by Milliken & Company for continuous dyeing.

Usually three or four stripes to a 50-inch width. Some types of printing are roller printing, screen printing, and handblocked printing. Solution Dyeing-A solution of dye is added to the liquid synthetic before spinning it into a yarn. causing the crushed and uncrushed parts to reflect light differently (called "Water-Marked'".

The Plain Weave: Consists of one thread over and one thread under. See Style Guide Gueridon-a small, elaborately carved stand or H [TOP] Didn Harvest -a narrow rectangular with hinged drop leaves Hepplewhite-an 18th-century English style originated by George Hepplewhite, and characterized by delicate forms in the neoclassic framework.

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Fitted Tablecloth