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We offer a full range of innovative choices to meet your needs.

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Ottoman: A firm lustrous plain weave fabric with horizontal cords which are larger or rounder than those of a faille. If they cannot be dissolved or melted directly, they must be chemically converted into soluble derivatives. Recently developed for upholstery fabric. The difference lies in the use of a yarn of the varied thickness which gives the fabric a nubby texture.

This type is found in dress goods. Flat Weave Tweeds. Some types of synthetics are: rayon, nylon, polyester, and fiberglass. These threads are sometimes clipped.

Fiber Base: Most man-made fibers are formed by forcing a syrupy substance (about the consistency of honey) through the tiny holes of a device called a spinneret In their original state, the fiber-forming substances exist as solids and there-fore must be first converted into a liquid state for extrusion. The warp ends are drawn through heddle eyes in the correct manner, and in the turning-over of the crank shaft of the loom, a shed is formed with each turn. generally in the direction ot the warp, which is created either by tension weaving or through the application of a caustic soda solution which shrinks part ot the yarns on the back of the. A solidified filament is called FIBROIN or SLIK.

See Style Guide. Dye lots may run to 30. Synthetics: Man-made, sciennfically produced fibers used in many fabncs. The designs vary from traditional to contemporary.

This type is found in dress goods. Gingham: Yarn dyed combed or carded cotton fabric woven in checks, stripes and plaids or two or more colors. Finished Goods: Fabric that has been processed by dyeing, printing, applying of special resins and finishes, and is ready for market. using a plain weave.

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A highly sophisticated textile art, blending today is creating new fabric types, performance characteristics, and dyeing and finishing effects. The waxed patterns will not take the dye, and the wax is removed after dyeing. The waxed patterns will not take the dye, and the wax is removed after dyeing. fair resistance to wear and sunlight.

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