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Oval Tablecloth.

Each yarn in the motif is dyed a solid color. Pocket Weave: A jacquard double-layered fabric with several warps. Distinguished from brocade bacause face of fabric is flatter. the designs were characterized by classic moafs beautifully engraved and finely colored.

Done by hand, for the most part, in the Kashmir Province of India and in England. When catonic fiber is fixed with conventional fiber, various multicolors and cross-dye effects can be achieved from a single dye bath. The fine warp totally covers the heavier filling. Good resistance to fading when solution dyed, very sensitive to heat.

Offering the best resistance to abrasion and soil: offers a cool soft feeling. Most like natural cotton in its appearance and physical properties. Lisere: A jacquard fabric usually made with a taffeta or faille ground. Some types of printing are roller printing, screen printing, and handblocked printing.

Used for upholstery only. Lainb Lampas: A term describing a jacquard fabric, a term interchangeable with a brocade or damask. Repp Plain weave fabric: With narrow ribs running the width of the fabric. Offering the best resistance to abrasion and soil: offers a cool soft feeling.

Velvet was introduced during the Renaissance in Italy and Spain and later moved to France. Natural Fibers: Cotton Wool Silk Hemp b. Jacquaid Design: A woven design made with the aid of a jacquard head (this constitutes a jacquard loom) and may vary from simple, self-colored, spot effects to elaborate, multicolored, all over effects. See Style Guide Astragal-small, semi-circular molding applied to the glazing bars on cabinets Attached back pillow-a pillow which cannot be removed from the upholstered piece of furniture B [TOP] Didn Bachelor Baize-wool fabric resembling felt, usually green, used on gaming tables Baker Ball and claw- (see claw and ball) Baluster-an upright, such as a leg or rail, shaped like a vase or urn Banding-veneer cut into narrow strips and applied to create a decorative effect, usually found around the edges of tables and drawer fronts Baroque-an extravagant and heavily ornate style of architecture, furniture, and decoration that originated in 17th century Italy.

Newer, more durable methods use synthetic resins that withstand laundering. Today, some are muitico-lored. Plisse: A fabric with a crinkied or puckered affect. Brocid: Multicolored jacquard woven fabric with floral or figured emphasized by contrasting colors.

Finished Goods: Fabric that has been processed by dyeing, printing, applying of special resins and finishes, and is ready for market. Dye lots may run to 30. Dyeing of Textiles: The coloring of greige goods or fibers with either natural or synthetic dyes. This loom differs from a plain loom in that it may have up to thirty-two harnesses and a chain and its expensive weaving.

spot effects to elaborate, multicolored. See Style Guide Highboy-American term for a tall chest-on-stand Huntboard-a light, portable sideboard used for serving food and drinks I [TOP] Didn Inlay-setting of one material in another (e. and into a shuttle box at the other side of the loom. It is also known as Antique Satin.

Acetate is seldom used in todays fabrics. Yarn Dyeing-Yarn is dyed before it is woven into fabric. 1790; Style of the period reflects the British interpretation of Palladianism (early), the Rococo (mid) and Neo-classicism (late) Gothic-decoration style featuring such motifs as pinnacles, crockets, and trefoils; popular from the 1820s in Europe and from the 1840s in North America. End of information about Oval Tablecloth.