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Linen Tablecloth

Looms (Major Motions or Actions) : These are shedding, picking, and beating-up. 1918 to 1940. If they cannot be dissolved or melted directly, they must be chemically converted into soluble derivatives. Acetate is seldom used in todays fabrics.

Natural Fibers: Those ftbers which come from cotton, wool, silk and Fax (). Natural Fibers: Cotton Wool Silk Hemp b. Sometimes it is done with fabric folded the length of the goods leaving a center crease more often folded with crease on the width of the goods and fabnc cut at this fold eliminating a center crease. Used as a plain dyed fabric or a printed fabric.

Blend: The combination of two or more types of staple fibers and/or colors in one yarn. Crewel: Chain stitch embroidery made with a fine, loosely twisted, two-ply worsted yarn on a plain weave fabric. Olefin: Another strong man-made fiber giving resistance to abrasion and stain resistance. As the liquid is emitted by the silkworm, it solifies on contact with the air.

The fabric is the base used far Moire. Strie: Said of a which has irregular stripes or streaks of practically the same color in the background. Blends are sometimes so intimate that It is difficult to distinguish component fibers in yarn or fabric. Imberllne A Jacquard fabric: Usually a damask with a stripe woven In the ground or as a satin overlay centered on the design.

Can be two-tone or multicolor, the difference being that the design has a greater raised effect on the face of the fabric. The two filiments joined togather are know as the CACOON TREATMENT or BAVE. Man-Made Flber-Generic Clawificatlon: Acetate Acrylic ' Glass Modacrylic Nylon Olefin Polyester ' Rayon ' Saran ' Spandex Fibers-Generic Definitions Acitate A man-made fiber with a luxurious feeling, which dyes in brilliant colors and is economical. Polyester: A man-made fiber, crisp and strong, excellent resistance to wear and sunlight.

The waxed patterns will not take the dye, and the wax is removed after dyeing. Shantung: A cousin lo Satin. The background may be either satin or twill weave. Lisere: A jacquard fabric usually made with a taffeta or faille ground.

Oval Tablecloth