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Crewel: Chain stitch embroidery made with a fine, loosely twisted, two-ply worsted yarn on a plain weave fabric. Done by hand, for the most part, in the Kashmir Province of India and in England. Blend: The combination of two or more types of staple fibers and/or colors in one yarn. They can aiso be made by cutting velvet nap into different lengths or by cutting different lengths over a.

Fiber: Any tough substance, natural or man-made, composed of thread-like tissue capable of being made into yarn. Shedding Motion: The separating of the warp ends into an upper and lower system of threads to permit the shuttle to pass through the space that has been formed. Loom: A machine on which the weaving is done. Can be two-tone or multicolor, the difference being that the design has a greater raised effect on the face of the fabric.

Aciylic is normally used to create velvet and plush looks in fabrics and carpets. See Style Guide Astragal-small, semi-circular molding applied to the glazing bars on cabinets Attached back pillow-a pillow which cannot be removed from the upholstered piece of furniture B [TOP] Didn Bachelor Baize-wool fabric resembling felt, usually green, used on gaming tables Baker Ball and claw- (see claw and ball) Baluster-an upright, such as a leg or rail, shaped like a vase or urn Banding-veneer cut into narrow strips and applied to create a decorative effect, usually found around the edges of tables and drawer fronts Baroque-an extravagant and heavily ornate style of architecture, furniture, and decoration that originated in 17th century Italy. The ribbed effect is flatter than gross grain and smaller than a repp. The designs vary from traditional to contemporary.

As the liquid is emitted by the silkworm, it solifies on contact with the air. When blended with other fibers, it can add beauty and luster to a fabric. Solution Dyeing-A solution of dye is added to the liquid synthetic before spinning it into a yarn. The filling (crosswise) thread darts between the warp threads as they are alternately lifted and lowered.

The Satin Weave: Has few interlacings widely but regularly spaced, resulting in a a lustrous "right" side and dull back. Urethane Upholstery: A name for a group of organic chemical compounds or resins such as polyesters and polyethers. Plisse: A fabric with a crinkied or puckered affect. Good resistance to fading when solution dyed, very sensitive to heat.

The fabric was developed in France and for years was a specialty of royally, thus its name which means cord of the king. Spinning: This final operation in yarn manufacture consists of the drawing, twisting, and the winding or the newly spun yarn onto a device such as a bobbin, spindle, cop. A single filiments called BRINS. Upholstery: A polyvinyl chloride film with a fabric backing.

Olefin Ingredient: A manufactured fiber in which the fiber forming substance is any long chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 85% by weight of ethylene, propytene, or other olefin units. End info about Picnic Tablecloth.