Round Tablecloth

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This type, with its "diagonal line", is found in denims. Knitting: Process of making fabric by interlocking series of loops of one or more yarns. Rayon: An economical man-made fiber, soft feeling, dyes well. Spinning requires great care by all operatives involved.

Panne: A satin-faced. Yarn Dyeing-Yarn is dyed before it is woven into fabric. Jacquard: A method for producing elaborately patterned weaves on a mechanical loom. Shuttle: The boat-like device which carries the filling yarn wound on the bobbin which sees in the shuttle from a shuttle box on one side of the raceplate of the loom.

Most like natural cotton in its appearance and physical properties. Pocket Weave: A jacquard double-layered fabric with several warps. The twofiliments by this time are cemented togather by the silk gum or sericin. spot effects to elaborate, multicolored.

The basic substance for the three cellulosic fibers (acetate, rayon, and triacetate) is cellulose, which comes from purified wood pulp. Rayon: An economical man-made fiber, soft feeling, dyes well. Jet Dyeing-Used for dyeing Polyester. Fiberglass: Fibers and yarns produced from glass and woven into flexible fabrics.

sometimes carried by a shuttle, sometimes propelled by air pressure, or other methods in shuttless looms. polish can be achieved either through the weave or the addition of a resin finish. Moire Base : Must be a faille. Acryilc: A man-made fiber with soft feeling: outstanding durability, exceilent resistiance to sunlight.

Fiber Content: The make up of the yarn content of any given fabric (60% cotton and 40% rayon). " Chintz: A plain tightly woven cotton fabric with the fine yarns and processed with a glazed finish. The two filiments joined togather are know as the CACOON TREATMENT or BAVE. See Style Guide Highboy-American term for a tall chest-on-stand Huntboard-a light, portable sideboard used for serving food and drinks I [TOP] Didn Inlay-setting of one material in another (e.

It can be dissolved for extrusion into fibers. Good resistance to fading when solution dyed, very sensitive to heat. Imberllne A Jacquard fabric: Usually a damask with a stripe woven In the ground or as a satin overlay centered on the design. The warp ends are drawn through heddle eyes in the correct manner, and in the turning-over of the crank shaft of the loom, a shed is formed with each turn.

Glazed: Cotton fabrics such as chintz or tarlatan treated with starch, glue. Can be woven self-tone: one color warp: different color filling. Used for upholstery only. This type is found in sheeting.

Cretonne is an example of a direct print Dobby Fabric: With geometric figures woven in a set. Sateen: A highly lustrous fabric usually made of merchandized cotton with a satin weave. Moire Base : Must be a faille. Spinning: This final operation in yarn manufacture consists of the drawing, twisting, and the winding or the newly spun yarn onto a device such as a bobbin, spindle, cop.

Round Tablecloth