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A full range of solutions. Table Cloth. Average dye lot 700 yards. See Style Guide Astragal-small, semi-circular molding applied to the glazing bars on cabinets Attached back pillow-a pillow which cannot be removed from the upholstered piece of furniture B [TOP] Didn Bachelor Baize-wool fabric resembling felt, usually green, used on gaming tables Baker Ball and claw- (see claw and ball) Baluster-an upright, such as a leg or rail, shaped like a vase or urn Banding-veneer cut into narrow strips and applied to create a decorative effect, usually found around the edges of tables and drawer fronts Baroque-an extravagant and heavily ornate style of architecture, furniture, and decoration that originated in 17th century Italy. Noted for its fireproof qualities. Escritoire-a cabinet with a fall front that lowers to form a writing surface Escutcheon-the brass plate that surrounds and protects the edges of a keyhole Étagère-a two-or three-tiered intended for displaying objects or serving food F (TOP) Didn Faceted-decorative surface cut into sharp-edged planes in a criss-cross to reflect light Fall front-the flap of a bureau or secrétaire that pulls down to provide a writing surface Fauteuil-a French term for an armchair Feather banding-two narrow bands of veneer laid in opposite diagonals Federal style-the American version of the Neo-classical style, popular from c.

The Satin Weave: Has few interlacings widely but regularly spaced, resulting in a a lustrous "right" side and dull back. Good cleanabilty characteristics. Can be woven self-tone: one color warp: different color filling. Spinning requires great care by all operatives involved.

The substances used in the production of the noncellulosic fibers generally are melted or chemically converted into a liquid state. The fabric was developed in France and for years was a specialty of royally, thus its name which means cord of the king. But instead of notes, it gives instructions to the machine on how to create the design. Brocatelle: A tightly woven jacquard fabric with a warp effect in the figure which is raised to give a puffed appearance.

Moire Base : Must be a faille. Used chiefly for. Faille: A flat. Jacquard: A method for producing elaborately patterned weaves on a mechanical loom.

Loom: A machine on which the weaving is done. Spinning: This final operation in yarn manufacture consists of the drawing, twisting, and the winding or the newly spun yarn onto a device such as a bobbin, spindle, cop. When the silkworm begins its spinning, two filaments are emitted from the "silk ducts" which are covered by SILK GUM or SERICIN from the sacks before they come from the mouth. A jacquard woven fabric with floral or geometric patterns created with different weave effects.

Newer, more durable methods use synthetic resins that withstand laundering. Strie: Said of a which has irregular stripes or streaks of practically the same color in the background. Upholstery: A polyvinyl chloride film with a fabric backing. Fiber Type: a.

Acetate is seldom used in todays fabrics. velvet or silk material named from the French Pilling: Formation of fiber fuzz balls on a fabric surface by wear or firction. Incredible pricing on top quality items. Table Cloth.