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The fabric was developed in France and for years was a specialty of royally, thus its name which means cord of the king. velvet or silk material named from the French Pilling: Formation of fiber fuzz balls on a fabric surface by wear or firction. Taslan Toile De Jouy: A floral or scenic design usually pnnted on cotton or. Corduroy: A pile fabric with the pile usually cut into ridges.

It has excelent cleanability characteristics and takes vivid color well. Can be woven self-tone: one color warp: different color filling. The ribbed effect is flatter than gross grain and smaller than a repp. Gingham: Yarn dyed combed or carded cotton fabric woven in checks, stripes and plaids or two or more colors.

The two filiments joined togather are know as the CACOON TREATMENT or BAVE. See Style Guide Ferrule-an often metal cap attached to the end of a slender shaft for strength or to prevent splitting Figuring- made by the natural grain of wood Finial-decorative turned knob Flare-the outward curving shape of a furniture leg Frame-the wooden skeleton of an upholstered piece of furniture Fretwork-ornamental carving, often interlaced or pierced in appearance G [TOP] Didn Gadroon moulding-a rounded moulding that is carved in convex curves Gainsborough chair-deep armchair with an upholstered seat and back, padded open arms, and carved decoration Gallery-wood or metal border around the top edge of a Gateleg-hinged leg that pivots to support a drop leaf on a Georgian-Historical period dating from c. Loom: A machine on which the weaving is done. Most like natural cotton in its appearance and physical properties.

The two filiments joined togather are know as the CACOON TREATMENT or BAVE. Sateen: A highly lustrous fabric usually made of merchandized cotton with a satin weave. Greige/Gray Good: French for fabrics in unbleached, undyed state before finishing. Filling interlaces with the warp yarns to make weaving possible.

Strie: Said of a which has irregular stripes or streaks of practically the same color in the background. Full Top Grain, indicating the very best hides available on the world market today. Panne: A satin-faced. Newer, more durable methods use synthetic resins that withstand laundering.

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