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The Twill Weave: Has each warp thread passing over two or more filling threads, with the interlacing advancing one thread on successive warps. Moire Base : Must be a faille. Recently developed for upholstery fabric. When blended with other fibers, it can add beauty and luster to a fabric.

Yarns vary in size and shape, both of which have an effect on the appearance of the fabric. Sateen: A highly lustrous fabric usually made of merchandized cotton with a satin weave. These premium hides in their natural, unadulterated state retain the superior characteristics of suppleness and tuftability found only in genuine Full Top Grain leather. Offering the best resistance to abrasion and soil: offers a cool soft feeling.

Bui if offers low resistance to wear and only fair resistance to sunlight. Fiber Type: a. Tufting Yarn: Hooked by needle into fabric structure usually at a very high speed developed initially for carpeting. Now the weaving is done entirely by machine.

The puff effect is created by several kinds of fillings Catfonic: Cationic dyeable fiber is the newest tool in the fashion designer's lot, It's a dye technique that allows certain fibers (like nylon, or polyester) to take deep and brilliant colors. causing the crushed and uncrushed parts to reflect light differently (called "Water-Marked'". Faille: A flat. See Style Guide Ferrule-an often metal cap attached to the end of a slender shaft for strength or to prevent splitting Figuring- made by the natural grain of wood Finial-decorative turned knob Flare-the outward curving shape of a furniture leg Frame-the wooden skeleton of an upholstered piece of furniture Fretwork-ornamental carving, often interlaced or pierced in appearance G [TOP] Didn Gadroon moulding-a rounded moulding that is carved in convex curves Gainsborough chair-deep armchair with an upholstered seat and back, padded open arms, and carved decoration Gallery-wood or metal border around the top edge of a Gateleg-hinged leg that pivots to support a drop leaf on a Georgian-Historical period dating from c.

and into a shuttle box at the other side of the loom. Best of all, we GUARANTEE it!

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