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Printing-A term referring to methods of applying designs to greige goods. Polyester: A man-made fiber, crisp and strong, excellent resistance to wear and sunlight. Mule and ring spinning are the two major methods today, and in addition to being spun on these methods, worsted yard is also spun on the cap and flyer flame methods ot producing finished spun yarn. Moire Base : Must be a faille.

The two filiments joined togather are know as the CACOON TREATMENT or BAVE. cannot be used except for natural fiber flax. The term is sometimes used for ungazed fine count cottons. Glazed: Cotton fabrics such as chintz or tarlatan treated with starch, glue.

Acryilc: A man-made fiber with soft feeling: outstanding durability, exceilent resistiance to sunlight. It can be dissolved for extrusion into fibers. This type, with its "diagonal line", is found in denims. " Typically expressed in square yards for fabric (COM) and in square feet for leather (COL).

Fiber Type: a. Man-Made Flber-Generic Clawificatlon: Acetate Acrylic ' Glass Modacrylic Nylon Olefin Polyester ' Rayon ' Saran ' Spandex Fibers-Generic Definitions Acitate A man-made fiber with a luxurious feeling, which dyes in brilliant colors and is economical. The twofiliments by this time are cemented togather by the silk gum or sericin. Escritoire-a cabinet with a fall front that lowers to form a writing surface Escutcheon-the brass plate that surrounds and protects the edges of a keyhole Étagère-a two-or three-tiered intended for displaying objects or serving food F (TOP) Didn Faceted-decorative surface cut into sharp-edged planes in a criss-cross to reflect light Fall front-the flap of a bureau or secrétaire that pulls down to provide a writing surface Fauteuil-a French term for an armchair Feather banding-two narrow bands of veneer laid in opposite diagonals Federal style-the American version of the Neo-classical style, popular from c.

Upholstery: A polyvinyl chloride film with a fabric backing. most often a cotton warp and a filling. End info about Tablecloth.