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Measure Your Table

For round, hexagon or octagon tables, simply measure the diameter of your table (at the widest point). This is the distance across your table top, as shown in the picture below. A standard round tablecloth works great on hexagon or octagon tables.

For rectangular, oval, or round with extensions tables, measure both the length and width of the table. Please note that rectangular tables with rounded corners are still considered rectangular. If your table is considered oblong (each side is flat but the corners are very rounded) choose rectangle but tell me in the "Unusual Features" space that it is an oblong. Only indicate "oval" if the table is a true oval shape. Sometimes I might ask you for a pattern of your table which you can make using newspaper for example.

If your table is more than 1" thick, please allow for the additional room it takes to fit all the way around the thickness of the table when calculating your size (small, medium, large and extra-large rounds). If you are placing a custom order, I will ask you for the depth (thickness) of your table.

NOTICE: Fitting non-round or unusual tables requires a CUSTOM order! Please make sure you request a quote BEFORE you place your order. I will email you back with any additional questions and a quote.

Also note: Since every tablecloth is made to order, I cannot accept returns or exchanges. Please take great care with your measurements and fabric choices. I am happy to answer any questions or send you fabric swatches in advance to ensure a great match!